Jewish and WW2 history tour

Jewish and WW2 history tour by Hans Langh Netherlands private tours. Anne Frank. Occupation and resistance.

Occupation and resistance. Anne Frank at Merwedeplein Amsterdam Jewish and WW2 history tour Hans Langh Netherlands private tours

Hans Langh Tours suggests reading about Amsterdam Jewish life and World War 2: Jewish Historical Museum (Jewish heritage and to promote Jewish art. Four historic Ashkenazi synagogues near Waterlooplein. Highlight the white marble Holy Shrine), Portuguese Synagogue (a late 17th-century temple that houses the Ets Haim Library, the oldest of its kind), the Dockworker monument, Jewish resistance monument, Jewish Boys Orphanage monument (“No one returned. May their memory be blessed”), the De Pinto House, Rembrandt’s House, Auschwitz Monument, Hollandsche Schouwburg, Resistance Museum (museum about the various forms of resistance against the Nazi occupiers during WWII in the Netherlands and Amsterdam), Anne Frank House (Prinsengracht 263. For more than two years the Frank family lived in the annex of the building. Anne Frank’s father, Otto Frank, had his business here), Amsterdam Jiddisch (gabber, mesjogge, schlemiel, mazzeltof), Nederlandsch Israelietisch Kerkgenootschap, Hoogduits-Joodse Gemeente, Elazar Rokach, Chacham Zwi Ashkenazi, Centrum Informatie en Documentatie Israel, Montelbaanstoren, India Trading Companies, Waalseiland and Lastage, Jewish Counsel and Jewish Citizens, Waterlooplein, the Shadow Canal (During the Second World War over 200 residents along this canal were murdered because they were Jewish. Their names are displayed on the canal wall, opposite their homes), Monument Jewish Thankfulness, National Holocaust Museum (Amsterdam had around 80,000 Jews at the time of Nazi occupation in May 1940. Five years later there were only around 5,000 Jews from Amsterdam who had survived the war), Amstelveld Kokadorus, The Ez Hayyim School, Jacob Sasportas, Solomon de Oliveyra, Solomon Judah Ayllon, Nehemiah Ḥiyyah Ḥayyun, Felix Libertate (‘Happy through Freedom’ Dutch society formed in Amsterdam in 1775 to promote Jewish emancipation), Etty Hillesum, Anne Frank, Merwedeplein 37 II (The Frank family lived in the apartment from December 1933 to July 1942), Jozef Israels, Walter Suskind (a German Jew who fled to Amsterdam in March 1938. He was the manager of the Hollandsche Schouwburg, died in Auschwitz in 1945), Occupation and resistance, Sal Meijer, Rembrandt’s Jewish Bride, Guild of Diamond cutters (Jewish newcomers here to specialize in diamond work from the seventeenth century onward. Sephardi Jews became the most prominent diamond traders in Amsterdam), Ghetto Nieuwmarkt, Plancius, Chazanoet, Julia Culp, Beth Haim in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel (the cemetery of the Portuguese Jewish community, Beth Haim, or House of Life), Samuel Sarphati, Jozef Mendes da Costa, Aron haKodesj and Biemah, Jacob Obrechtpleinsynagoge, Diamants Boas, Beth HaMidrasj, Ets Haim synagogue, House de Pinto, Louis Davids, Nederlands-Israëlitisch Kerkgenootschap. Jewish Cultural Quarter (A single ticket of Jewish Cultural Quarter will allow you to visit Jewish Historical Museum, Jewish Children Museum, Portuguese Synagogue, National Holocaust Museum (the victim’s objects, photographs, documents, and other memories) and Hollandse Schouwburg) from Jewish and WW2 history Hans Langh Netherlands private tours

Anne Frank House website

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