Amsterdam private canal tour

Amsterdam private canal tour by Hans Langh Netherlands private tours.

Seven bridges in a row Amsterdams canals Hans Langh Amsterdam private canal tour

Hans Langh Tours suggests reading about Prinsengracht (named after the Prince of Orange), Keizersgracht (named after the Austrian emperor Maximilian I), Herengracht (named after the heren regents who governed the city in the 16th and 17th century) and Singel (the border of the medieval city of Amsterdam), Stepped gables (between 1600-65), neck gables (from 1640-1840) and bell-shaped gables (popular in the late 17th century), Brouwersgracht (refers to the many breweries which were located here during the 16th and 17th centuries), Blauwburgwal, de Coningh van Denemarken (anno 1615 Herengracht 120), Amsterdam Renaissance style (architectural style from the Dutch Golden Age), Philips Vingboons (1607-1678 was both a painter and an architect), Leliegracht, House Bartolotti (house on the Herengracht built in 1617 designed by architect Hendrick de Keyser), the Zonnewijser, Louis XV and XVI style (the style of architecture based upon symmetry or non-symmetry), Westermarkt, the Farmer from Transvaals, House of Brienen (built in 1620 for a wealthy Amsterdam jeweller), Hendrick de Keyser (most important Dutch sculptor and an architect of the 17th century. Ornamental style of the Dutch Renaissance versus Classicism), Museum Grachtenhuis (museum dedicated to the architecture of the canal belt), Sonnenberg, the Cromhout houses (Herengracht 364-370 four houses built in classicistical style by  Philip Vingboons between 1660 and 1662), Dutch Institute for War Documentation, Leidsegracht, the Golden Bend of Herengracht (‘canal-side palaces’), House de Neufville, Melkmeisjesbrug, Spiegelgracht (antique shops and art galleries), House de Vicq, House with the Columns,  Amsterdam Mayor’s residence, Reguliersgracht, House with the Bloodstains, Dutch Classicism style. House with the Heads, EHLB building, the Groote Keyser, the Syrian-Orthodox Church, Claes Reiniershof, Felix Meritis, New Walloon Church, the Van Raey Houses, ABN de Bazel, Groenlandse warehouses, Prinsengracht, Zon’s Hof, Gunter en Meuser, Hotel Pulitzer, Suykerhof, the Milk factory, Church de Duif (built 1858 as the Roman Catholic Church), Amsterdams Welvaren, de Pool, Brienenhof, warehouses Zon en Maan: from Amsterdams canals Hans Langh Netherlands private tours

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