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Amsterdam defence line tour by Hans Langh Netherlands private tours.

fortification in Beemster polder Amsterdam defence line tour Hans Langh Netherlands private tours

Hans Langh Tours suggests reading about the UNESCO listed ‘Stelling van Amsterdam’. This water wall was created before the first Worldwar at a distance of around 15 miles around Amsterdam. A 100 miles long ring defence line: waterways, polders, dams, fortresses, inlet sluices, military depots, and housing facilities. Extending 135 km around the city of Amsterdam, The Defence Line of Amsterdam (built between 1883 and 1920) is the only example of a fortification based on the principle of controlling the waters. Since the 16th century, the people of the Netherlands have used their expert knowledge of hydraulic engineering for defence purposes. see:
The Stelling van Amsterdam was never used in combat. After the invention of the airplane and advancing techniques of artillery and infantry, the Defence Line became useless almost as soon as it was finished.
Untill the Cold War it had a role in Holland’s defence. Since 1996 it is on Unesco’s World heritage list. A drive from Edam, Beemster polder, Schermer polder, Haarlemmermeer polder, Aalsmeer, Westeinder lakes, River Vecht, Muiden to Pampus island. Tour Amsterdam defence line Hans Langh Netherlands private tours
Highlights are: Sierra Pappa Yankee, Edam Pompsluis, Purmerend, Purmer and Beemsterpolder, Schermerpolder, Jisp, Fort benoorden Spaarnedam, Kunstfort Vijfhuizen, Haarlemmermeer, inundation points, Fort bij Marken,Fort aan den Ham, Fort IJmuiden 1914, Fort bij Heemstede, Fort bij Aalsmeer, Fort Kudelstaart, de Kwakel Fortbrug, Fort aan de Drecht, river the Waver, Fort Nigtevecht, Fort Hinderdam, Fort Uitermeer, Fort Weesp, Fort H Muiden, MEGA kustbatterij Durgerdam, Fort Pampus, Fort Benoorden Spaarndam, West batteries Muiden, Fort aan de Winkel, Fort Pampus, Kustbatterij Durgerdam, Westbatterij Muiden, Muizenfort Muiden, Fort Abcoude, Fort in de Botshol, Fort Waver,the Amstel, Fort Uithoorn, Fort de Kwakel, Fort Sloterweg, Fort bezuiden Spaarndam, Fort Penningsveer, Fort benoorden Spaarndam, Fort Sint Aagtendijk, Fort Krommeniedijk, Fort aan den Ham, Fort Markenbinnen, Fort Spijkerboor, Fort Jisperweg, Fort Middenweg, Fort Nekkerweg, Fort benoorden Purmerend, Fort Edam. Tour Amsterdam defence line Hans Langh Netherlands private tours

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